Rubber Landscape Mulch

Rubber Landscape Mulch product is a great addition to any residential or commercial landscape.

This product consists of 100% recycled tire rubber. This eco friendly landscape mulch is the safest and longest lasting landscape mulch in the marketplace.

The coloring on this product will last up to 12 years and is not harmful to children or pets.

Let this green product work for you by saving you time and money in annual maintenance costs! Here are the benefits.

Color lasts up to 12 years.
Will not decompose over time.
Will not blow or wash away.
Retains moisture for plants and gardens.
A Green Building Material (LEEDS Credits)
Cost effective.
Environmentally sustainable.


Standard Colors In Stock

Red, Brown, Cypress, Tri-Blend, Cabernet and Mocha


Special Order Colors
Black, Bronco Mix, Gray, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Natural Black
You can also order any Blend Combination, and Custom Made Colors.



One Cubic Yard covers:

3.3 lbs. per sq. foot  @ 1 1/2″ deep
4.4 lbs. per sq. foot  @ 2″ deep
6.6 lbs. per sq. foot  @ 3″ deep
8.8 lbs. per sq. foot  @ 4″ deep


Coverages are approximate, not guaranteed!

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